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Clear File's Archival-Classic Storage Page for Negatives are their best selling negative page. High gloss, highest clarity. Proudly manufactured by Clear File in the USA.

Archival Safe - No PVC
Plastic enclosures manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are not recommended for archival photographic storage. This plastic, often referred to as "vinyl", is not as stable as some other plastics. It can contain volatile plasticizers acid as it deteriorates.
Rip Resistant Seals
A stitched sealing method that allows each seal to work independently to resist tearing, unlike straight-line that continue to separate completely once the rip begins. In addition, stitched sealing increases the airflow between pockets and therefore further protects against ferrotyping, moisture.
Easy Contact Prints
By placing a loaded file page (negatives must remain emulsion side down) directly on top of the printing paper, it is possible to make sharp contact prints as well as enlargements for testing and proofing purposes.

Product Details

  • Pack of 25 sheets
  • Each page holds 42 frames, 7 strips of 6 frames
  • For 135 / 35mm sized film negatives

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