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Popho Luminar 100 is a recently introduced type of color negative film that has a daylight-balanced ISO 100 speed. It is essentially a Kodak Aerocolor IV 2460 color negative aerial photography film that has been respooled for general photographic purposes. The film is characterized by medium saturation and contrast, making it ideal for landscape photography and other general photographic applications. It also produces warm tones, has enhanced red sensitivity, and a wide dynamic range. Packed in a recyclable plastic cassette, the film can be developed using the standard C-41 process. Other notable features of the film include its ultra-fine grain structure that ensures exceptional sharpness and a 35mm format that contains 36 exposures.


  • 100 ISO Color Negative Film
  • Outstanding sharpness from ultra-fine grain structure
  • Wide dynamic range
  • 35mm format, 36exp.
  • Standard C-41 photo lab processing
  • Factory spooled on recyclable plastic cassette.
  • Daylight balanced

*Luminar 100 sample image, provided by Popho Camera Company.