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  • Color negative motion picture emulsion
  • 35mm / 36 exp.
  • Safe for C-41 photo lab processing (Remjet backing free)
  • Resulting in a slight halation effect
  • Daylight balanced (5500K)
  • Unrivaled highlight and shadow latitude
  • High resolution and fine grain for maximum sharpness
  • Factory spooled, DX-Coded cassettes

CINESTILL 50Daylight is a high-quality color negative film designed for still photography. This film stock boasts an ISO 50/18° speed and is daylight balanced (5500K), making it ideal for shooting in bright light and producing high resolution, low grain images. It's based on the original Vision3 50D emulsion and is prepped and rolled for clean and safe standard photo lab processing or Cs41 development at home. Additionally, it can be processed in Cs2 chemistry for low-contrast motion picture negatives.

This film has an exposure latitude beyond most other films and digital cameras, allowing you to achieve beautiful results by rating it anywhere between ISO 12-100 without the need for push processing. Regardless of how you meter, the film produces almost no grain, while color, contrast, shadow detail, and highlight rendering will be affected by the ISO you choose to meter at. Lower ISOs produce warmer images with greater halation in the highlights.

The new manufacturing process of CINESTILL 50Daylight now extends its shelf life with less noticeable artifacts after expiration. However, it is recommended to store the film in the fridge and shoot within 6 months of purchase to achieve optimal results. Additionally, exposed film should be processed promptly in C-41 chemistry to preserve latent image latitude and color fidelity.

This film is optimized for a hybrid workflow, making it ideal for scanning, and produces a complimentary contrast curve for optical printing on RA-4 paper when processed in C-41 chemistry. While it was designed originally requiring ECN-2 motion picture processing, it can still be processed using ALL of those steps or with the CineStill Cs2 "Cine Simplified" kit, resulting in a pulled contrast negative with lower gamma not suitable for darkroom printing.

When storing and handling the film, it is essential to load and unload it in subdued light, store unexposed film in a refrigerator at 13°C (55°F) or lower in the original sealed package, and process film as soon as possible after exposure. Finally, protect processed film from strong light and store it in a cool, dry place to maintain its quality.