FOMAPAN  200 35MM x 30.5M

FOMAPAN 200 35MM x 30.5M

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Product information Fomapan 200 35mm x 30.5m

Product type (b&w/color): b&w
Film type: 35mm pocket film, 35mm Bulk Film
ISO speed: 200
Sensitivity: panchromatic
Film base: triacetate

Fomapan 200 Creative is a panchromatically sensitized black and white negative film. Fomapan 200 produces extremely fine grain with high resolution and an abundance of gray tones. The modern flat crystal technology gives Fomapan 200 Creative its extremely fine grain. The nominal sensitivity of Fomapan 200 Creative is ISO 200/24. Its exposure latitude gives good results within an exposure range of EI 100/21 to EI 800/27. Fomapan 200 Creative resolving power: 110 lines/mm. Fomapan 200 Creative comes as a 35 mm film, 120 roll film or sheet film.