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Size: 50,8x61 CM (20x24 INCH)
Sheets: 10
Surface: Natural Gloss
Paper Grade: Variable
Darkrom Safelight: Red/Orange
Image Tone: Neutral Tone
Base: Fibre base 255 g
Whites: Bright white
This box contains: 3,1 m2 (to help you calculate the chemistry)

20 years after first introduction of the Ilford Multigrade IV Fiber Paper, Ilford brings the improved successor Ilford MultigradeFB Classic to the market.

In comparison to the old version, the new paper distinguishes itself by higher sharpness, shorter exposure times, and an increased Dmax.

Ilford Multigrade FB Classic is a Neutral black variable contrast paper with higher light sensitivity. Variable Icontrast fiber paper. Double-weight.

Ilford's Multigrade FB, along with Agfa/Adox MCC, belongs to the best fiber papers that have ever been developed. It is coated on a pure-white fiber base, gives a true contrast-grade 5.5, and produces - despite it's low silver content - an impeccable D-Max. This paper can be used under red, dark orange, or brown darkroom lights.