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Key Features
  • Reusable
  • 31mm f/11 Lens
  • Pre-Loaded Film Roll (24exp. Yashica 400)
  • Built-In Flash
  • Optical Viewfinder

The pink Yashica MF-1 35mm Film Camera is a fun and simple way to bring back the lost art of casual film photography. Ready out of the box with everything you need to tell your story, the colorful MF-1 makes it easy for you to experience the magic of film with its versatile 31mm lens and built-in flash that ensures every scene is lit consistently. Owing to its relatively wide field of view, the 31mm captures as much of the world around you as possible, while its f/11 aperture keeps everything in focus. This reusable camera, equipped with an optical viewfinder, is optimized to shoot with ISO 400 film, and comes preloaded with a roll and a AA battery to power the flash.